Commercial, Industrial & Office Furniture Assembly

We assemble furniture for businesses in Melbourne and Geelong.

If you are setting up a new business, expanding or perhaps needing to move your existing commercial or office furniture to a new location then you want it done quickly and properly with a minimum of disruption.

Assembled office furniture

Flat pack office furniture after assembly.

Commercial and office furniture assembly and fit outs are our speciality. We have a huge amount of knowledge and experience with all the major manufacturers and brands of ready to assemble and flat pack furniture. We have assisted all sizes and types of commercial enterprises to get their business premises up and running quickly and smoothly. We have helped one room home businesses, multi story office blocks, warehouses and retail premises both large and small.

We cater for all business and commercial fit outs and set ups no matter how small or how large and our pricing is very reasonable.

Our team of expert furniture assemblers can put together your office furniture, work stations, work pods, cubicles, storage units, displays and anything else needing assembly – quickly, surely and with a minimum of fuss. Your new business will up and running in no time. Offices, factories, retail premises, trade show displays and showrooms. Our team of expert assemblers have a huge fund of knowledge, expertise and experience. What ever it is you need assembled – we have already assembled it many times before.

We want to work within your budget and deliver perfectly assembled office and commercial furniture at a fantastic price.

Do you need to move premises?  We can disassemble, relocate and reassemble your entire business.

If you need to move your business to a new home then we can disassemble, transport and reassemble your entire business at your new location.  We can pack up and move retail, commercial or office flat pack and ready to assemble furniture as well as work stations, storage and displays quickly and cost effectively.

Assembled shop displays

Retail display units after assembly.

We are committed to ensuring a fast and smooth transition your new location. So if you have a new office or commercial premises that needs to be fitted out – or an old one that needs to be moved. Call us for no obligation quote. We are quick, conscientious and very cost effective.

We are experienced with the assembly of all major brands of ready to assemble and flat pack furniture and our furniture assemblies are done exactly as the manufacturer of each piece of furniture has intended.

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