Table and bed assembly

Unassembled furniture still in the boxReady to assemble furniture delivered by The Furniture Assembly Co from the store to your door. The first photo shows all the various bits and pieces. Fresh of our truck – still unassembled and in their boxes.

Almost assembled dining table

We delivered and assembled a number of items on this job. A dining table and chairs set, A coffee table, cabinet and lounge suite as well as a double bed and two bedside chests of drawers. Here is the table set. Not quite finished – but getting there.

A half assembled flat pack bed

The double bed. It’s beginning to take shape but only about half assembled. It can be amazing seeing a small cardboard box full of parts take shape as peice of furniture that can take up a big chunk of floor space.

Fully assembled double bed

A fully assembled double bed. With the two chests of drawers either side. All it needs is a mattress, sheets and a hot water bottle.

Fully assembled dining table and chairs

You can see the lounge suite, coffee table and cabinet in the background. In the foreground the flat pack dining room table and chairs. Fully assembled and ready to go. The only thing left is to peel off the sticker you see on the bottom left, give it a wipe and lay down some knives and forks! All courtesy of The Furniture Assembly Co. Delivered to your door and assembled on the spot.

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