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Assembled dining table & chairs.

Assembled dining table & chairs.

The Furniture Assembly Co has serviced the Melbourne and Geelong areas for many years.

Over those years we have put together a lot of wardrobes, chairs, tables, shelves, drawers – you name it, we have assembled it! We would love to have a chat to you about what you need and how long it will take. It only takes a few moments to give us a quick ring on 0490 830 858. We can give you an honest appraisal of how long the project will take and the costs involved. The time it takes to assemble your furniture is a major factor in working out the cost. So the quicker we are the cheaper it is for you. We will always try and work within your budget.

While quick is important – so  is doing the job perfectly. Because we have so much experience in putting together “ready to assemble” and “flat pack” furniture there are few surprises. So we do not just do the job exactly right – we do it quickly. And that saves you money.

The chances are that we have already assembled the exact make and model of furniture you have purchased. We are routinely recommended by all the major furniture manufacturers and outlets. We always follow manufacturer recommended procedures and guidelines and this ensures that the item of furniture is assembled perfectly and exactly as the maker intended.

So who are we? The Furniture Assembly Co has been around for many years and our team is comprised of professionals with long experience and expert knowledge in all forms of assembled furniture. We have done every form of project from major office fit outs requiring hundreds of individual assemblies – to a single wardrobe for a home owner.

Over those years we have steadily built up a reputation amongst not only our customers for service, reliability and value but also with the major furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Melbourne and Geelong. Many of our customers had actually never heard of us before purchasing their furniture. They were referred to us from the manufacturer or store where they purchased their “ready to assemble” or “flat pack” furniture items. So we are known and trusted by the makers of the furniture we assemble. They know and trust us and this trust is based on extensive feedback from their own customers over many years.

Kitchen & dining furniture assembled.

Kitchen & dining furniture assembled.

You can read about what the customers themselves think about us here.

And one final thought; there is nothing stopping you from assembling your new furniture yourself. But as many of our customers have observed (after giving it a go themselves). It’s a lot less stressful to get someone else to do it!


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