5 Star Service

“I didn’t realise the furniture I was buying was do-it-yourself-assembly but the shop recommended someone to help put it together. I phoned up and got a quote which I though was quite reasonable so I accepted it. Danny came to my apartment to assemble the 7 pieces.

I was amazed at his skill putting it all together and because of his experience he made it look so easy.

I would recommend this personable young man highly to give all his customers 5 star service.

Ken S (South Yarra)

Looking at the pics and what we assembled it was pretty straight forward however sometimes there can be difficulty in – and a certain specific way to assemble an item. For example the small lamp tables you see here turned out to be a challenge.

How it explains assembly on an instruction sheet can be completely different and more complicated and time consuming than understanding a “universal flat pack assembling procedure” that the Furniture Assembly Co would go by……

And that is only achieved with experience. The time factor is everything and minimisation of potential damage is paramount to ensuring the customer is serviced in a timely fashion. People don’t have time to sit around and wait for assemblers to finish the job.

We are recommended WARRANTY repairers to major retailers in Australia. So we have intimate experience with the manufacturers items and the furniture they produce – and how it’s put together. This gives the customer an enormous added benefit that if there are any flaws to the design or they are missing of key piece of hardware etc, we are able to solve that problem there and then on the day!

Our customer’s are left with an enormous sense of comfort and reassurance that they wont have to have gone back to the store to go through a long and tedious process to get their furniture repaired or parts supplied or replaced.

We get it done quickly and correctly.

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