Assembling a bed

A flat pack bed assembly in a very cramped bedroom!

Organising the parts and fittings is a big part of making things go smoothly. In photo 1 the bits and pieces for the first part of the bed are laid out and ready to be assembled.

There is a second mattress/bed that slides out underneath the first. But the parts for that are not laid out until the first section is finished (as you can see in photo 2). This is the biggest mistake that amateurs make with “ready to assemble” furniture. If you try and lay out everything all at once it makes it hard to work out what goes where, the parts get mixed, things get trodden on and broken and mayhem ensues….

In photo 3 you can see everything has been together exactly as the designer intended. We have used manufacturer mandated tools and assembly guidlines throughout.

Furniture with draws, hinges or where something has to slot into something else (like this bed) can be very tricky. Here’s a tip: don’t fully tighten everything until you are sure every moving, folding or closing part works smoothly.

And there you go! Photo 4 shows a piece of flat pack furniture that looks like it’s come straight from the showroom of the maker!

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